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Balanced Vs End Loaded Bats

There is a simple explanation in the difference between an end loaded bat and a balanced bat.

For players that want a lighter, more controlled feel of the bat, a balanced bat has its balance maintained throughout the length of the bat, which evenly distributes its weight to aid in feeling a more manageable swing.

The end loaded bat has its center of mass distributed towards the end of the bat, typically used by stronger players for momentum to turn the barrel without being overcome by momentum. 

The battle between the two bats can be filtered between two simple types of players. The player that is a no fear, grip it and rip it type will sacrifice bat control for power in any count. They also aren’t afraid to swing and miss. These type of players tend to like end loaded bats.

Players that want to make the latest swing decisions possible and not sacrifice bat speed or bat control tend to use balanced bats. Amateur players should lean towards a balanced bat until mechanics are sufficient enough to graduate to an end loaded bat.

However some players like the feel of the end loaded and find they can manage the feel better with the end load. 

It really come down to the player and how comfortable they feel swinging either bat. If the end loaded bat makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you are ahead in the count, like 2-0 or 3-1, but when you're 0-2 you wish you had a better feeling, lighter, more balanced bat, just start hitting with the balanced bat. 

One way to make both bats feel more like the other is fairly simple. If you choke up on an end loaded bat you will bring the center of mass closer to your hands which makes the bat feel more like a balanced bat.

On the flip side, if you want to make the balanced bat feel more like an end loaded bat you can drop your pinky off the end of the bat and grab the handle with your ring finger. This allows the bat to gain a half inch or more in length making the bat appear heavier and more end loaded during the swing.

We don’t recommend dropping a pinky. It has been known to cause a small break in the wrist, called the hook of hamate fracture. In our opinion a balanced bat can give you the bat control needed while also maintaining bat speed. Home-runs can be hit with balanced bats, as well as get you out of those pesky 2 strike jams.

Weaker hands and wrists in players make end loaded bats hard to check swing, which makes players tend to hunt out front more for fastballs and be susceptible to off speed pitches for swing and misses. Strong hands and wrists can get an end loaded otherwise stick to the more manageable balanced bat.