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Can Batting Gloves Be Used For Football?

As a parent, it can be tempting to use equipment from other sports to save your hard earned dollars. Although you may consider it, batting gloves and football gloves are made specifically for their respective sport.

Baseball batting gloves are made breathable with leather or rubber as the added grip. Football gloves however have been designed by position.

If you are someone that handles the football, using a glove that has added tackiness around the palm, fingers, and the thumb will add a superior grip with added support.

Tackiness added to the gloves surface helps with making it feel a sense of stickiness. Offensive and defensive lineman take a beating with their hands so they will require thicker gloves with much more padding.

Trying to use baseball batting gloves in football would be a last resort. Baseball batting gloves don’t have built in tact for added grip although some batting gloves do use rubber to enhance the grip much better than regular leather essentially giving it that tackiness feel. 

In the case of a cold night and you don’t have any other option, batting gloves may preserve your hands from being cold but not conducive for in-game enhancement.

Baseball gloves would be more of an all purpose glove that can be used in desperate situations but not recommended.

From a breathable standpoint and flexibility, they play the same as receiver gloves minus the added tact for extra grip.

We have to remember that batting gloves grip wood and a football glove grip leather. So in essence leather on leather with extra tackiness built in will make the gloves seem like it adds Velcro to the overall grip itself.

Baseball batting gloves are thinner than football gloves. It is not recommended to use football gloves for baseball.

Football gloves would feel almost too thick to get a good feel for the bat. You may find a company that tries to marry the two sports together when it comes to gloves. They may design a glove that can be used for both sports, but we have yet to see a glove that can perform up to the standard of their respective sports and be universal.