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Can You Use Batting Glove For Golf?

Golf gloves and batting gloves are entirely different. Although both may appear the same, they function completely differently and for good reason.

So, the question should be how serious of a golfer are you?

If the answer is "it’s just something to do so nobody calls me an alcoholic" then I’d say baseball gloves would be a perfect fit. It will give you the grip you’ll need to not throw the club into the woods or pond. In that regard, they will suit you fine.

However the two gloves function completely differently, which gives much needed stability in different areas of the glove.

A baseball batting glove gives its rigid stability in the wrist from the strap being fastened directly behind the wrist.

In a golf glove, this stability is given directly behind the back of the hand just above the wrist. Having some sound structure on the back of the hand aids in understanding how the golf swing actually works.

The wrists are not in play in golf as they are in baseball. Keeping the back of the hand tight can also have a better feel when performing a golf swing.

Some other reasons to only use golf gloves for golf:

One - you will actually have to use golf gloves when playing professional golf and trying to record a USGA score. There are specific rules as a professional golfer that only allows gloves designed for golf to be worn.

Another reason is baseball batting gloves are made a bit thicker than golf gloves due to the increases in wear and tear.

Batting gloves take a beating, thrown on the ground, kicked, aggressively taken off. Baseball players can be, let’s say, somewhat destructive.

Golfers can have a slight lapse in judgment and need a timeout, but the gloves are never on the receiving end of the hate.

The gloves in golf tend to get treated more delicately and always makes its way back in the pocket.

If you're just looking to have fun on your golf outing, then wear garden gloves - nobody cares. You're already wearing funny looking shorts.

If you're looking to better your score, then I would take the serious approach and get some good golf gloves.