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Customize Your Baseball Gloves For Optimal Performance

Baseball gloves have evolved through a handful of companies that offer the works when it comes to customization.

Off-the-shelf gloves feel good until you actually customize a glove that fits your needs. How your hand feels in the glove alone can take your defense to the next level.

So the size of the glove is extremely important not only with the exterior when it comes to the length of the fingers and the depth of the pocket but also in the chamber of the glove and how your hand fits inside.

Having comfort and durability while maintaining a feel for the ball in the glove is why pros can perform effortless ball transfers without fear of catching one in the palm.

The size of the glove can't be too big, or the glove will feel unmanageable not only to close but, more importantly, to open or "flare" the glove before catching or fielding a ball.

Custom gloves can change the chamber size for youth players to make the glove fit better on the hand while also giving you the high-end leather you just don't see on the shelves in a high-end glove.

Custom gloves can also give the most functional web design to help with overall performance.

Each position on the field has a unique need when it comes to the pocket and web design.

Open webs like the I-web you see on most major league infielders are because of their durability and open area to let dirt move though to keep balls from being dirt-free when transitioning from fielding to throwing.

Trapeze webs you see in outfield gloves help in a basket-like feel for keeping balls in outfield gloves. The closed web design is great for pitchers who want to conceal different grips from the other team while runners are on base or coaches in the first and third coach's boxes.

Off-the-shelf gloves don't always put it all together, but you can get everything you want out of your glove when you customize it.