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Do Golf Gloves Actually Help Your Game?

Golf gloves are a popular piece of equipment for golfers. As ubiquitous as golf clubs and tees, gloves are worn by professional golfers for both comfort and performance.

But do gloves actually improve your golf game?


While they're not required to play, golf gloves offer numerous benefits that can directly improve your performance. There's a reason there haven’t been more than a few pro golfers on the PGA Tour who have opted to go glove-less. The vast majority of pros wear gloves.

Golf gloves provide improved grip and control over shots, allowing you to make more consistent contact with the ball.

This is because they are designed to create better contact between your hands and the club, reducing slipping and improving grip, which can lead to more consistent (and accurate) shots. Gloves enhance control during short game shots, such as putting and chipping, as well.

This is especially beneficial when swinging in wet or cold conditions, as it prevents your hands from slipping off the club during a swing and can reduce vibrations felt on contact.

In addition to helping you perform better in wet conditions, gloves can also keep your hands dry for extra comfort.

Golf gloves help protect your hands from blisters, dryness, and calluses, allowing you to play longer without discomfort. Anyone who has ever gone glove-less and played a round of golf—let alone many rounds of golf over time—knows how painful the aftermath can be.

When you wear gloves, you avoid all of these issues and can play a full round without worrying about your hands as much.

The material used in the construction of high quality golf gloves can also provide additional warmth and insulation on colder days. While they aren't “super thick,” they can help to add a layer of cold protection that can make all the difference when a wind chill is bearing down on the course.

Finally, golf gloves can give you a bit of extra style and personality on the course—especially if they match your other golf attire. So while the practical benefits are obviously important, having a stylish pair of gloves to don during the game is something for a serious golfer to consider as well. Custom golf gloves with personalized logos and colors are available for those looking to really show their commitment to the game.

Enhanced grip, more consistent contact with the ball, protection from blisters and cold weather, and a bit of style—all these factors make golf gloves an invaluable asset for any golfer.


To sum it all up, a good pair of gloves is definitely worth the investment if you're looking to improve your golf game and enhance your performance on the course.

They may not be required to play, but they can definitely help your game. And custom golf gloves can add a unique and stylish touch that will give you an edge over your competition as well.

Again, there's a reason it's so hard to find PGA golfers playing without gloves. So if you're ready to start hitting under par—make sure you have an above par pair of golf gloves in your bag.