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Do You Need A Baseball Glove Break-In Kit?

Breaking in a new glove can always be a difficult task, that is not only time consuming, but can be rough if you don’t know some simple tricks.

Playing catch is great for breaking in a glove, but it will take most players miles and miles of catch - that may take months to just make some headway.

In order to put any glove on a fast track to seeing actual game time, there are glove break-in kits that are good options.

However, glove kits often miss some key components that really are must haves in the serious baseball players bag.

Most glove kits come with some form of glove oil, a band to help wrap around the glove to keep it tight and a ball to hold in the pocket to help shape the pocket.

I think shaping the glove is important and that will take a small mallet you can buy or even use your baseball bat. Choking up to the middle of the bat and pounding away at the pocket will help shape the leather.

So a good glove oil, a good mallet or bat to help with simulating in-game ball contact can speed the break in process. If the kit has an application cloth for the oil or a small sponge to help keep the oil from pooling will also be helpful.

The last thing we want is to make the glove slick; which can transfer oil to the ball and make it hard to throw.

Simple water, a mallet , some good glove oil and an application cloth can be perfect for a DIY break in kit.

Apply warm water generously to get the leather pliable and ready to take on a beating with the mallet.

The leather forms much easier wet. Use a sponge or application cloth to help soak up the water then apply some oil and repeat the process.

Once you have a glove that’s oil free it’s time to play some catch. This can be repeated for a few days.

Overnight holding the creases out of the pocket and where they should be by wrapping a ball in the glove with rubber bands can aid in shaping the pocket and keep it crease free.