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Does Cold Weather Affect Baseball Glove Leather?

Baseball gloves are a vital piece of equipment for any ballplayer. As the weather gets colder, does that mean baseball gloves need to be replaced more often? Or is there something else to consider regarding cold weather and baseball gloves? Let's take a closer look at how cold weather affects baseball glove leather and what you can do to keep your gloves in good condition.

Leather in Cold Weather

As winter approaches, baseball players must ensure their glove is adequately cared for and stored. If your leather is in good condition and protected, the cold weather will not affect it. However, if you have neglected to care for your leather items properly, then it can be very damaging during extreme cold temperature changes. Leather can dry out, crack, and become brittle in the cold. Let's review some things you can do to keep your gloves in the best shape possible during the cold season.

Keep It Clean

Before the winter or cold weather sets in, it's essential to clean your leather with a good quality cleaner. This will remove any dirt or stains on the leather's surface and also help free the pores from any dirt and stains that could clog them up. If you don't clean your leather before the cold weather hits, then any surface dirt will only worsen things. The stains could become permanent, and your leather will suffer for it. So take the time to clean your leather before the cold weather arrives, and you'll be glad you did.

Keep It Dry

It's essential to keep your glove dry - moisture can damage the leather and affect its ability to protect your hand. If it does get wet, dry it off with a clean, absorbent rag and let it air dry naturally. Air drying can make the leather stiff, but it will soften again with use. Don't blow dry the glove; put it near a furnace or in the dryer, as this can dry out the leather and make it crack. After it's dry, apply a safe leather conditioner to soften the glove.

More Tips For Cold Weather Glove Care

Cleaning and conditioning your baseball glove is essential to keeping it in good shape. Using a safe leather product is best for cleaning and conditioning your glove. DO NOT SPIT, as the material in your saliva can deteriorate it. You should also reshape your glove regularly - you can do this by placing a baseball in the pocket and wrapping it with a binder. Also, check for open seams, broken laces, and other damage regularly, and have any repairs made as soon as possible. Following these simple tips, you can keep your baseball glove in excellent condition for many years.

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