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Football Gloves 101: Why Pro Players Wear Them

If you’ve ever seen an NFL game, you know that the players wear gloves. And as you probably guessed, it's not just for fashion. These guys are some of the toughest athletes in the world—they don’t mess around when it comes to their equipment.

There are a multitude of benefits that pro players gain from wearing gloves, but the first and foremost reason that the pros wear them is for improved grip. A football itself is naturally slick—and it can be very tough for anyone to catch and secure the ball without proper grip.

That’s why pro players have custom football gloves made; designed and personalized specifically for their needs. Here’s a closer look at the science behind why NFL players wear gloves, and what makes them such an integral part of any player's gear.

Stickiness Is Key

Perhaps the most important feature of custom football gloves is their "stickiness" or "tackiness." Football gloves provide extra grip that helps the player hold onto the pigskin more securely when it’s thrown their way in a game.

This stickiness also comes in handy (no pun intended) when trying to avoid fumbles as it helps keep the ball from slipping out of a player’s hands during high-pressure situations, such as running downfield after making a catch, or when evading defenders who are trying to make the tackle.

Additional Benefits

But it's not all just about increasing grip; there are many other benefits of having custom gloves made for football players:

  • They help protect your hands from scrapes and bruises caused by catching balls with bare hands or without proper padding.
  • They can also act as additional protection against cold weather conditions by trapping heat inside so that your hands stay warm while playing in chilly temperatures outdoors.
  • Since they're customized, there's a nearly endless range of colors and styles you can choose from to make sure your gloves match the rest of your uniform—or help you stand out on the gridiron.
  • Custom gloves can be used to boost your confidence—and hence your performance. Hear me out: When you look good, you feel good—and when you’re feeling good, you’re going to give it your all. With a pair of personalized football gloves, you can be sure that they won’t let you down—so neither will you.

When it comes to game time, it’s all about having the right equipment. And with custom football gloves, you can be sure that your grip is at its best, and your hands are protected from the danger of scrapes and bruises. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your gloves and design the perfect pair for you.

Design Your Own Custom Football Gloves

At Relentless Sports, you have access to an easy-to-use online tool that allows you to design your own custom football gloves with ease. This tool lets you choose from numerous personalization and customization options, styles, and colors so that you can create a pair of gloves that fits perfectly with your personal style and needs on the field.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a quarterback, a wide receiver, a running back, or a different position altogether. With high-quality materials and industry-leading designs, Relentless' custom football gloves will provide you with the grip and protection that you need to perform at your peak.

Glove Up and Play On

Custom football gloves offer pro players some serious advantages on the field—including increased grip, additional protection from scrapes or bruises, insulation against cold weather conditions, stylish designs, and a whole lot more.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits for yourself, it might be a good idea to head to Relentless Sports and design your own football gloves.

With virtually endless customization options through an easy-to-use glove creator too, a pair of custom football gloves is just a few clicks away (well, more like a few taps away if you’re using a phone or a tablet). Now, suit up—and let’s go win some games!