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Guide to Baseball Glove Webbing Patterns

The glove is an essential piece of equipment in baseball. It protects a player's hand from the impact of a hard-hit ball and helps them field the ball more effectively.

Webbing Patterns

There are three main glove webbing patterns: the open web, the H-web, and the I-web. Each type of webbing has its advantages and disadvantages, and each is better suited for different positions in the field. Let's take a closer look at each type of webbing pattern and examine when and where it's most effective.


The H-web gets its name from its capital "H" shape. This webbing is made up of two leather posts connected by a crosspiece running between the thumb and forefinger. The H-web is popular among catchers, infielders, and third basemen because it provides good visibility while remaining sturdy enough to field hard-hit balls.


Like the H-web, the I-web features leather posts in a capital “I” shape. This pattern can be found in the infield, as dirt and debris fall right through for easier transfers and exchanges. However, because the I-web offers less support than other types of webbing, it's not recommended for use by outfielders or first basemen.

Closed/Basket Web

As the name suggests, closed or basket webs feature a closed seam between the thumb and forefinger, creating a "basket" to catch the ball. This webbing provides decreased ball visibility once in hand, making it ideal for pitchers and some middle infielders.

Trapeze Web

Trapeze web gloves are designed with an open space in the middle, which offers more flexibility than the traditional basket web. Outfielders use this design almost exclusively, as it allows for maximum catching range and good visibility while protecting your eyes from the sun. The deep pocket of the trapeze web also makes it easier to catch balls from further distances.

Modified Trapeze Web

The modified trapeze web is one of the most versatile glove designs on the market. It can be used by outfielders, infielders, and pitchers alike. The main difference between the modified and standard trapeze is the strip of leather on the web's top. This addition provides extra stability for the glove.

Two-piece Closed Web

The two-piece closed web is an excellent glove for pitchers. It offers an easy place to conceal your hand and the ball while on the mound. The design also makes it easy to grip the ball, and the leather is durable and will last for many seasons. This glove is an excellent choice for any pitcher who wants a reliable, durable glove to help conceal the ball.

Final Word

When choosing a glove, you must consider what position you'll be playing. Outfielders will want a glove with an open web to easily track fly balls, while infielders will want something with more support, like an H-web or I-web. No matter what type of webbing you choose, make sure you practice fielding with your new glove so you can get used to catching balls with it.

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