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How to Make Custom Football Gloves [2023]

There's nothing quite like stepping onto the field, your heart pounding with anticipation, wearing gloves you've designed yourself. When you tailor your gloves to suit your style and comfort, they become an extension of you, a symbol of your team spirit, and a testament to your dedication to the sport. Relentless Sports offers two high-quality, customizable gloves: the Elite and the Gameday.

Choosing Your Glove Type: Elite or Gameday

At the very outset of your customization journey, you'll be faced with a choice between two glove types: the Elite and the Gameday. Both options are professional quality and provide the ability to choose your team colors, add your team's logo, and personalize them with your name and number. They also feature a sticky rubber palm for an unrivaled grip.

The choice between Elite and Gameday mostly comes down to personal preference. Both offer similar customizability and quality, ensuring you'll be satisfied regardless of your choice.

Sizing Your Glove

Once you've chosen the glove type, the next step involves selecting the appropriate size. Relentless Sports offers an extensive size range, catering to all players, no matter their age or size. For the younger athletes, there are Youth sizes ranging from XS to XL. Adult sizes, on the other hand, run from XS to XXL.

Selecting Your Colors

Now, let's add some color to your gloves! This step is where you get to express your team spirit or personal style.

Firstly, you'll need to choose the base color for your gloves. This will set the overall tone for your gloves, so choose wisely. Then, pick a color for the glove back. This could be the same as the base color for a uniform look or a different color for a striking contrast.

Adding Team Logo

If you wish to wear your team pride on your gloves, this option is for you. You can add your team logo to the gloves and don't worry about any backgrounds in your logo image. The team at Relentless Sports will professionally remove these, providing a clean look to your logo.

Next, select the top-hand logo color. This decision should be made based on your logo's design and the colors you've already chosen for your glove.

Grip Color and Logo

For the grip color on the back, it's important to consider what will work best with your chosen base and back colors. You also have the opportunity to choose the color of the grip itself.

You also get to decide on the grip logo. Select a color that complements or contrasts effectively with the grip color.

Binding and Strap Color

Now onto the binding color selection. This detail, while subtle, adds a touch of personality to your gloves. Similarly, the strap color can be customized. Both of these elements can be matched to your team colors or your personal style preference.

Palm Logo Color and Wrist Text

The final customizations involve choosing the palm logo color and adding text to the wrist. When choosing the palm logo color, consider what will stand out against the grip color.

The wrist text provides a unique opportunity to add a name, number, or even a short motivational quote. It's another way to make these gloves truly yours.

The Final Product

Once you've finalized all your selections, you'll have a pair of custom football gloves designed to your exact specifications. They're not just any gloves - they're your gloves, an embodiment of your spirit, your dedication, and your love for the game. Go ahead and own the field with Relentless Sports custom football gloves!