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Joining Little League? Some Things To Consider

If you're considering enrolling your child in Little League, you should know a few things. While it can be a lot of fun for both children and parents, it's also a competitive sport that takes dedication and hard work. Make sure you're prepared for the commitment before signing up. Here is an outline of some of Little League's basics so you can make an informed decision.

Equipment Predicament

At the end of every Little League season, parents and legal guardians are tasked with going through their child's playing equipment to see what needs to be replaced before the start of the next season. This includes bats, gloves, balls, and other gear used in practices and games throughout the year.

Similarly, local leagues must review all the equipment issued to teams and decide what needs to be replaced for the coming season. This can be daunting, but ensuring that all players have the safe and reliable equipment, they need to enjoy the game is essential. By reviewing and replacing old equipment, parents and leagues can help ensure every player has a safe and fun experience on the diamond.

What Is Provided

In most cases, the league or team will provide most of the equipment needed to play little league. This will typically include bats that are appropriately sized, batting helmets, baseballs or softballs, catcher gear, a face shield, a throat guard, and catcher gloves. It is worth noting that many leagues will organize equipment drives to help collect game gear and donate to individual families.

For example, at registration, you could encourage families to bring old cleats, fielder's gloves, and uniform pants that they no longer need so that other families can use them for the upcoming season. Ultimately, such measures will ensure everyone can access the necessary equipment and participate in the little league season.

What You May Want Or Need To Buy

You may wonder what equipment you need to purchase for your child to participate in baseball. Aside from the registration and team fees, which usually cover the cost of uniforms or jerseys, parents may want to purchase additional equipment for their children. This equipment includes a bat, batting helmet, baseball glove, batting gloves, and cleats. Your league may also require the purchase of team-specific baseball pants, socks, and belts.

While some of this equipment can be pre-owned, it is essential to ensure that it is in good condition and safe to use. Additionally, a gym bag is essential for carrying all of the equipment. Parents should also periodically check their child's equipment for wear and tear to ensure it is safe. By being aware of the costs and importance of this equipment, parents can help their children have a successful and safe experience while playing sports.