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Sticky Gloves vs Stickum: Which is Better for Your Game?

Football gloves have become crucial to a player's performance and safety on the field. With technological advancements, football gloves have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Nowadays, gloves offer superior grip, flexibility, and durability, making them a must-have for any serious football player. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which gloves are best suited for your game. Let's explore the differences between sticky gloves and stickum and ultimately answer the question - which is better for your game?

Sticky Gloves are the New Standard

Sticky gloves have become the new standard in football, offering an unparalleled grip in the game. Unlike traditional football gloves that rely on leather for grip, sticky gloves use a rubberized material on the palm area to provide a more adhesive grip on the ball. This material is often referred to as "sticky silicone" or "tackified rubber" and is designed to withstand wet or cold conditions, ensuring a secure grip on the ball at all times.

One company that offers high-quality sticky gloves is Relentless Sports. Their gloves are made with advanced materials and technologies, ensuring maximum grip and control. The palm area of their gloves is made of sticky rubberized material, providing players with an unparalleled grip on the ball. Additionally, these gloves are designed with breathable fabrics to keep the hands comfortable and dry during the game.

Stickum: Banned for a Reason

Stickum is a sticky substance that was commonly used on football gloves in the past to enhance grip. However, it was banned by the NFL in the 1980s due to safety concerns. Stickum was known to transfer from gloves to the ball, making it difficult for other players to catch and handle it. It also made the ball sticky, making it harder to throw and catch.

Furthermore, stickum was a mess to clean up. It would stick to everything, from clothing to equipment, making removing it a nightmare. Its use was a safety hazard and a nuisance for players and coaches.

The Ultimate Choice

Relentless Sports offers two exceptional glove models for football players: the ELITE and GAMEDAY. Both models are designed professionally, ensuring top-notch performance for athletes of all levels. Their gloves are made with advanced materials and technologies, providing maximum grip and control.

While stickum may have been widespread, it's banned in football for a good reason. Sticky gloves have become the new standard, offering a superior grip unmatched by stickum. Relentless Sports Custom Football Gloves are designed with the receiver's needs in mind, offering a sleek and functional design that provides a natural feel and flexibility.

Sticky gloves are the better choice for any serious football player. Stickum has been banned for decades and for good reason. Sticky gloves provide a superior grip and are now the standard in football. Relentless Sports Custom Football Glovesare an excellent choice for players looking to elevate their game, offering exceptional grip, comfort, and durability. With the option to customize your gloves with team colors, logos, and even your name and number, there's no better way to stand out on the field than with Relentless Sports Custom Football Gloves.