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The Importance of Uniforms in Team Sports

Wearing a uniform in general goes all the way back to Roman times. The obvious traits to wearing a uniform in team sports are team identity, unity, and a sense of belonging.

Baseball’s New York Knickerbockers rolled out with team uniforms back in 1946; however, uniforms wouldn’t find their way on the field in the MLB for 50 more years.

The biggest reason uniforms were made is to help identify your own players on the field. We all know playing sports in PE without uniforms comes with the occasional wrong team pass. Uniforms help with on field quick decisions using your peripheral vision.

Instead of picking up someone’s face you can identify your teammates by color which helps any team function on the field. Uniforms also encourage team and fan unity. Having a good bond with your team and fan base can help put an umbrella over team attitude.

Nobody is bigger than the team they represent. Selfish players are reminded of the jersey they wear and that in order to make the dream work you’ll have to have teamwork.

The uniforms also set a bond with your fans which can raise the level of intensity you play. Teams that play at their home fields, courts etc. always have the upper hand for many reasons. One in particular is the overwhelming feeling of an army that’s off in the distance, shedding a positive vibe that can transform a player's mood.  

There’s nothing better as a player than to see a sea of your team colors as you walk in to do battle. Fans don’t realize how much they help with team confidence. Uniforms also help in equalizing certain players from getting too big or feeling left out.

Putting on the uniform can help with a sense of belonging. As players in team sports compete in the up and down battle that is faced day to day, they can get overwhelmed with a sense of failure.

Sports are riddled with moments of triumphed success and painful defeats. The uniform helps in mending those two ends of the spectrum and ground all players into belonging to one community that also involves its fan base. The uniform is the great equalizer in sports. It creates a loyalty between fans and players.

Players see the uniform as a sense of togetherness and leave no man behind. Fighting as a team whether your the team captain or ride pine the uniform can keep everyone in check.