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What can you use to oil a baseball glove?

One of the big misconceptions is that you can use just about anything to replenish the life of your glove. I’ve heard olive oil, petroleum jelly, Vaseline, linseed oil, mink oil, shaving cream, saddle soap, and lanolin because they are all good lubricating agents and keep the glove flexible.

This is 2022 and we have glove oils/lubricants specifically designed for leather, in particular baseball gloves. Even if you have the driest glove in the world and were miles from any store, do not be tempted to use Vaseline! The glove plays dry, it won’t play slick. 

All of those alternatives for me do not fall into the Goldilocks zone of perfect absorption for a leather baseball glove. If you are left with a sticky, slick film that you can’t get rid of even after wiping with a towel, then it’s probably not good for your glove.

We would recommend looking for any product that says on the container that it is designed for leather. There are plenty of products designed for it and all say for "genuine leather”. 

One thing to remember is not to put the glove oil on the glove prior to a game. Give it at least 12 hours after conditioning before use so it can soak in and soften the leather.

Getting the glove back to its natural state and feel is what we are after.  If you are a little too generous with the oil and feel there is too much, do not worry. Get a dry towel and gently dab up the excess oil. 

One thing to also consider before giving your glove new life after a long stay in the ole bat bag over winter is to freeze the glove in a plastic bag over night to kill all the bacteria, which will get rid of any unpleasant smells.

After you let it thaw, gently use some glove cleaner or a spray bottle of water. Dry the glove with a towel, then apply the oil. Your glove will be as good as new and smell like it just came off the glove rack.