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3 Things Every Baseball Player Needs To Know About Custom Baseball Gloves

Custom baseball gloves should be at the top of every baseball family's list of things to own. 

Here are three things every baseball player needs to know about custom gloves.

 1) Custom gloves aren't just generic ones that are personalized with pretty colors.

Custom gloves can be a high-end Kip leather that we would see on a pro diamond. Or a functional youth glove with a more manageable supple cowhide leather. 

These different types of leather are both functional and practical. Youth players just starting out need a supple cowhide glove that will be a little more manageable for a youth hand. 

The Kip leather glove is available for experienced and serious players and is what we see on professional players. 

2) Custom gloves have no boundaries when it comes to customization. From the pocket design to the webbing and backing, custom gloves will consistently deliver if there is a need you want. 

Sizing the glove can feel like a difficult task but not with custom gloves. Categorizing the position, webbing, and pocket choices make sizing the glove a black and white process for the position you'll play. 

All positions on the field have specific needs. When it comes to webbing and pocket choices, custom glove companies have mapped it out for you with the best available options for your particular needs. 

3) Custom gloves are not expensive! The thought of a cheap leather glove with an overpriced tag goes through most people's minds. However, it's quite the opposite. 

The high-end Kip leather gloves offered by big leather companies have been marked up, and custom gloves are a fraction of the price for the same high-end leather and performance. 

Yes, a fraction of the price. It's almost $100 less for the same quality glove. These large companies make you pay high costs to wear their glove, while getting free advertising out of it at the same time.

We see a markup from any big company that is sometimes too proud, and you'll pay because you think you're getting the best. Nope, there's a better way to get a high-end glove, make it your own, and have it delivered straight to your door. 

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