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How To Pick The Right Football Gloves For Your Game

Gloves have had their place over the years in every sport. All gloves have been designed to function better with grip and overall durability for hand protection from golf, baseball, race car driving, soccer, football, etc. Football has had an overhaul with its gloves.

Over the years, football gloves have been designed for different players' needs.

Receiver gloves are lightweight, flexible, and breathable gloves worn to help keep a better grip on the ball during inclement weather, such as rain or snow.

They have been designed so well that the best NFL receivers wear them at all times regardless of the game conditions. They feature a rubber glove with a sticky tack to help the ball adhere to their hand when catching and running.

Relentless Sports has gone above and beyond with their design features. A fully customizable glove that still focuses on the integrity of being able to perform on the field.

The gloves have the right combination of added thickness to ensure their protection for the hands. Protection typically comes in the form of strategically placed padding.

The back of the hands, particularly your thumbs and fingers, are significant areas of concern. Many football injuries involve fingers, so it's an area that many players are anxious to protect.

Hybrid gloves in between receiver gloves and lineman gloves (strictly designed with padding and not tackiness) may be used.

Ventilation is a key part of all football gloves. Wicking away sweat and keeping things as cool as possible is very important. Wicking material is woven into the glove between the fingers to allow breathability.

They also provide maximum protection while not losing any touch sensitivity of the glove to get a better feel for the ball. Most football gloves will also include a support feature around the wrist.

The lightest gloves offer extra support and protection in their straps. In contrast, lineman gloves offer double wraps and extra padding that provides a more sturdy guard.

Picking the right glove that offers durability and tackiness is what Relentless Sports has invested into their receiver gloves, making them one of the best gloves today.