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Wrestling Equipment List For Beginners

Wrestling is a very technical sport. It can be a little overwhelming for beginners to learn some of the basic rules while competing on the mat.

One of the first things a beginner should know is how their equipment operates. Understanding the headgear, shoes, and singlet is integral to a wrestler's overall success.

Accessories like a mouth guard or knee pads are more of a preference than a necessity. Wrestling shoes should be lightweight with ankle support.

Feeling like you can be quick on your feet is essential, considering wrestling comes down to footwork and speed. The headgear should feel lightweight, comfortable, and snug enough to not fidget with it during competition.

The singlet is undervalued when it comes to choosing one. Most new students fall for the color scheme or design, which is important but not why you buy a singlet.

The functionality is most important, and at Relentless Sports they have taken the customization and function to another level. Singlets come down to feel and proper sizing.

Materials for singlets fall in the sports arena feel. Something stretchy like spandex or Lycra with a soft Nylon feel. The fabric should be breathable and have moisture-wicking qualities that will aid in helping to feel dry.

Finding the right size singlet is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to performance. Some kids may fall between sizes, so finding a singlet that's not too tight, creating body restrictions, or too loose for opponents to grab and gain an advantage is essential.

There are three types of cuts for singlets. There is the High cut, Fila cut, and Low cut.

The low cut being the least used during competition because of its easy access to grab and hold around the midsection.

The high cut is the most popular cut at most levels; it's more like a standard tank top with slightly thicker over the shoulders straps and a cut just under the armpits.

Fila cut is more of a muscle shirt with a less popular cut because it also has a loose feel.

Wrestlers venturing out onto the mat for the first time should get familiar with what equipment will best suit their needs during competition.