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Why Athletes Love Our Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves have been going through design changes for hundreds of years. Modifying different parts of the glove to get the most out of each position.

With the online glove manufacturers coming into the scene, big companies have more competition from smaller glove companies that can now compete in every way.

Whether it's the shallower pocket for middle infielders or the closed back and deeper pocket of the outfield glove - there is always something to modify—all of this to make the glove a more useful tool during game play.

Relentless Sports is at the top of design enhancements in all aspects of the glove. The webbing, pocket, chamber, backing, and type of leather have made their glove popular among youth to professional players.

The unique webbing designs of the v- web, t-web, I-web, and H-web will help any infielder or outfielder get the most useful functioning glove.

Another characteristic that puts them at the top of the list is Japanese Kip leather, the most affordable high-end leather in the industry. It is much easier to break in than other high-end gloves. A sleek smooth leather that exudes durability.

Picking an online glove can sometimes be a less desirable process when you can't feel the glove, but with Relentless Sports, the 3D design tool brings the glove to life. The customization tool makes it easy for even a novice that doesn't know exactly what they need or want.

The process is simple and will steer newer players towards their supple cowhide for those younger players. They may want a great leather glove at a more affordable price than the high-end Kip leather glove.

The gloves today are all about customization, which brings the online glove companies to the head of the race. They can customize every aspect of the glove with colors, and team personalization, to design changes suitable for each position.

A baseball player's dream glove is easily made precisely the way they want it to give that needed edge on the diamond.