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Build Your Perfect Softball Glove with Relentless Sports

Building and customizing an online glove isn't just for baseball players. At Relentless Sports, they have made customizing a softball glove just as easy.

Relentless Sports have been paying attention to what players prefer and what they need to perform on the field. A customized glove without proper function is just a piece of leather to throw around in the dugout.

How the glove feels on the hand and operates on the field can be effortlessly designed to have the perfect softball glove. It all starts with a type of leather.

Having two great options, one for the experienced player (Japanese Kip leather) and one for the casual youth player that's just getting started (supple cowhide).

The supple cowhide is a great glove that is excellent leather. It is much easier to break in for those younger players, which still gives great protection than the pleather/plastic gloves we typically see over the counter.

Finding the right size glove can be tricky. Still, knowing the position you're most likely to play can help navigate you through proper size choices—11" to 12 ½" for infielders and 12 ¾" to 14" for outfielders.

The webbing choices are unique designs used in the infield and outfield. The five infield and outfield webs are the t-web and modified t-web which I like primarily for outfielders.

The infielders can benefit from the I-web, V-web, and H-web. Choosing between an infield glove vs. an outfield glove can be tricky for players who don't really have a set position because the difference is in the glove's pocket.

As an infielder, the glove is designed with a shallow pocket to help aid in fast transfers on touch-and-go plays. The outfield glove is designed with a deeper pocket to make it easier for balls to stay in the glove.

After picking a glove, once we have gotten the specs on how it will function, it's all color customizations to make a unique softball glove that can help define any player.

The color schemes have no boundaries. Color the welting, web, pocket, backing, laces, and binding to make your softball glove a perfect work of art that is eye-catching and the most practical glove you'll own.