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Can You Customize a Baseball Glove Online?

Customizing a baseball glove online has been available with some glove companies for some time.

In 2022 there are a lot of glove companies that specialize in customization.

Relentless Sports is striving to become a leader in this field with near endless design options.

The glove manufacturers in the past have mass produced a black or tan dye in the leather - which was the standard look for decades, but that has become a part of the past.

Not only are there many color options, but each part of the glove can be customized.

The ability to make a glove feel unique and one of a kind and truly your own masterpiece is just a few clicks away.

Most people are hesitant to make a glove they can’t feel or touch before they buy, so getting the online experience of making a glove right is an important step for any glove manufacturer.

Customization is available for the chamber of the glove for adult or youth, which is how the hand will actually fit inside the glove.

Most gloves bought can feel a bit big with an adult chamber, and most over the counter gloves don’t give a premium glove option with a youth chamber.

However. now that is a very unique option to buy a Kip high end leather glove with its sleek feel, used mainly by pros, but now available for youth hands.

We still recommend the youth chamber with a cowhide glove over a Kip leather glove because it still can be a bit stiff for younger players - but the option is there.

The online design process keeps new to the sport parents aware of the length of the glove and the size of the pocket (by categorizing the size of the pocket).

Shallow pocket for infielders and a deeper pocket for outfielders.

Design the web and use the option tool to find the right web that best suits your position. Color it, put your name on it, dab it in your team colors and put the bling in a glove we know you’ll love right out of the box it was delivered in.

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