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How to Make a Custom Baseball Glove

Making a custom baseball glove is now one of the easiest and most satisfying things to do for baseball players.

Picking from two types of glove leather that fits the needs of both budget and age of the player, is the first step.

These options are Japanese Kip Leather and Cowhide Leather. Kip leather being a high end leather for the experienced player, and cowhide leather for younger players just getting started.

Picking the chamber of the glove either youth or adult will make the hand fit better for the appropriate hand size.

Can’t forget to choose what the throwing hand is so we get the right glove for the correct hand.

In the design process you’ll have easy categories like what type of glove to choose, infield or outfield which will help determine the pocket size.

Outfielders require a deeper pocket, whereas an infield glove requires a shallow pocket (to help infielders find the ball much faster for time sensitive plays). Nothing would be worse than making a 12” glove with a shallow pocket for an outfielder. That mistake won’t be made when personalizing your glove online thankfully.

Once we have figured out the length and what position next is the type of webbing.

Many different web designs to choose from from Trapeze webs we see in mostly outfield gloves to the H back design we see in bulk with infielders gloves.

The color customizations seem to be endless from coloring the webbing, pocket, individual fingers, the lacing, welting, and the binding.

Yeah those last two most people don’t know what they are either.

Being able to put your name and number and even your team logo on the glove is a cool option.

Designing a glove and making it your own has never been easier and acceptable.

The coloring of a glove in the past was always ridiculed but not anymore. You may be lost in the design for hours making multiple gloves you will fall in love with but you will ultimately build a glove that is the ONE.

Building your own glove has never been easier and more satisfying check out the Relentless Sports Custom Glove Builder (Here) and get started on your own custom glove today.