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Why Get A Custom Baseball Glove?

Custom baseball gloves have become a big part of the baseball world for some time now.

There are glove companies popping up all over, but not all are created equal. I think it’s time everyone gets on board and takes a deeper look into owning a custom baseball glove.

In the past ,we have been subjected to the old brown cowhide or black leather gloves that just have blah written all over them.

A player in the past would have been ridiculed if they would have tried to splash their glove with some color.

Customized gloves hold sentimental value and can make you feel like you are an extension of that team by adding those team colors.

So many benefits from purchasing a custom baseball glove. One of the main reasons it has become so useful for players is they get to build their weapon for battle.

Arming them with the right web size and shape. Even the right leather itself from cowhide to Kip leather.

You’ll get to design how deep the pocket will be if you're an outfielder or a shallow pocket for an infielder.

Too often we see in stores a one dimensional glove that may have too big a pocket and a color scheme that is awful looking but still make that impulse buy.

With a custom glove you can essentially craft it by hand.

Putting the final touches on it with a team logo and the players name and number. After you build the glove you feel a sense of attachment to it and you will find it makes you more confident on the field knowing you have the right feeling and looking glove on the hand.