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Top Benefits Of Batting Gloves

Batting gloves have been around for decades and have been widely used by most hitters. There are many reasons that draw players to use batting gloves and we are going to cover them all in this article.

The top use for players using batting gloves is to help maintain grip. On occasion we see a player throw a bat in the stands due to the lack of grip but it’s not too common.

Professional players have mastered the art of mixing rosin and pine tar to concoct a master class in grip enhancements for the batting gloves to do an even better job - than without.

Without batting gloves the pine tar and rosen, although still done, makes it hard for the hands to perform outside of hitting.

So defense can become a nightmare for players that don’t wear batting gloves because of the sticky nature the bare skin is left feeling.

Throwing and being accurate becomes a daunting task. Some batting gloves can give just the right amount of wrist support to help feel strong during a swing.

One of the areas that is tough to develop for younger players is wrist strength so wearing batting gloves can help aid a little wrist strength.

Another way a batting glove can be useful and players can benefit from is taking a little sting off of balls that make bad contact with the bat.

There is no worse feeling than thinking how bad it hurts to have the ball feel like it knocks the bat out of your hands.

So, with a good batting glove, that can absorb some of that bad energy, we should all be wearing batting gloves just for this reason.

Not only will the gloves help absorb some vibrations off your hands when you don’t hit it off the sweet spot but it will also give you the confidence to take full swing knowing the gloves will help alleviate that added mental stress.

Another benefit of a batting gloves can also be used on defense to help with some added protection in the fielders glove from hard thrown or hit balls.

Nothing worse than taking a rocket off the palm of your hand.

Batting gloves at Relentless Sports have been designed with leather, rubber, a hybrid rubber palm, and leather fingers to make an in game glove that can take your batting gloves to the next level.