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The Three Types Of Wrestling Singlets

When you watch a good wrestling match you may get caught up in all the explosive moves and extensive footwork, but one thing that may get rolled into one category is what a wrestler wears to compete in.

The singlet a wrestler wears can play an important role on how they move on the mat to take down their opponent.

There are three different cuts to choose from and proper sizing is most essential.

The size of the wrestler can be the general rule for what size singlet to buy.

Here is a quick guide for sizing:

  • XS: 55-75 lbs
  • S: 75-119 lbs
  • M: 120-139 lbs
  • L: 140-169 lbs
  • XL: 170-199 lbs
  • XXL: 200+ lbs

Most materials for singlets fall in the sports arena feel. Something that’s stretchy like spandex or Lycra with a soft Nylon feel. The material should be breathable and have moisture wicking qualities that will aid in helping your wrestler feel dry.

Another thing to recognize when sizing is the fit itself.

Some kids may fall between sizes so finding a singlet that’s tight but still loose enough to not restrict the body from moving and not to baggy that opponents can get a hold of a loose part of the singlet to gain an advantage.

There are three types of cuts for singlets.

There is the High cut, Fila cut, Low cut.

High cut is very popular at the higher levels more like a standard tank top with slightly thicker over the shoulders straps and a cut just under the armpits.

The Fila cut is more like a muscle tank top with its lower cut exposing the ribs and thinner over the shoulder straps.

The Low cut which isn’t permitted in most high schools on up has a completely open side that exposes everything and is easy to grab and hold.

Find a singlet that has a color scheme that matches your school or club team.

Just like anything else finding the right singlet for your body style requires some exploring so try out different sizes and cuts and see what feels and looks the best for you to become fearless from match to match.