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Custom Batting Glove Guide

Batting gloves in both baseball and softball aren’t just for looking cool and adding some bling to your overall baller look. They actually serve a few useful purposes.

One function is its aid in helping maintain grip during the swing. Without it your nickname might be "Moe likes to throw" or "Slippery Sally”.

Another function is its ability to protect the hand from taking a high volume of swings - especially in practice. The hands can take a beating in both baseball and softball with the amount of swings required to reach baller status.

There are two designs: rubber and leather. Our rubber is named “Plate Series” and the leather is named “Gamer Series”.

Leather gloves give a better overall snug, lightweight feel, as if you are not wearing gloves at all, but still manages its function. Rubber gloves have a unique snug feel that lets you know it’s about time to do some work. The rubber gloves are workhorse gloves that still have a great feel but are designed to last for 100’s of swings in the cage.

A third option in the Gamer Series glove is a leather glove that gives you palm options of either leather or rubber. You get the benefit of both worlds - a great feeling in-game glove with the durability of a rubber palm for added grit.

When looking at sizing, options include Youth and Adults. Youth sizes range from Youth Extra Small to Youth Extra Large. Adult sizing ranges from Adult Small up to Adult Extra Large.

These gloves have a multitude of customizable color, team logo and team number options. Gloves don’t have to just be for “batting”. They can also serve a protective purpose under the fielding glove to help aid when the speed of the game requires a little extra padding.

No matter what preference you have, we do recommend that even those atni- batting glove ballers still use some of our workhorse rubber gloves to help get those much needed reps. There’s not much worse than having broken calluses that shelf your progress.

Any batting gloves you choose, between our Gamer or Plate Series gloves, will bring you into the 2022 season with a customizable look and feel.