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Softball Gloves For Casual or Youth Play

Finding the right glove for youth or a casual softball players can be a little difficult, but nothing to stress about.

For starters, you are putting the glove on the non-dominant hand. Most new players do not have the dexterity in their non-dominant hand to close a glove properly; therefore, we recommend a supple cowhide glove that is still durable & malleable.

Another factor is being able to flare the hand in the glove. This simply means they can spread the hand out in the glove to open it. Being able to flare the hand up before catching or fielding a ball is crucial in hand dexterity and development. A cowhide glove properly worked-in will allow the hand the movement required to use the glove. 

Most younger players need a starter glove that gives them comfort and strength. This can be a thin line with younger (or even new) players to the game. Some gloves are made with only dexterity in mind, but zero padding.

So, although youth players may be able to close the glove, they won’t want to stand in front of the ball, knowing it’s going to hurt when it hits the glove. A cowhide glove will provide both of these points for youth or casual players. 

Another important thing to remember is sizing your glove properly to accommodate the change in size of ball & age in softball. 

Up to 11 years of age, an 11” ball is standard practice. It is recommended that this age range uses an 11.5” glove or bigger. 

11 years old - 11” softball - 11.5”+ glove. 

For 12 years of age, we suggest a 12” glove or larger. This allows room for the increased ball size of 12”. 

12 years old or more - 12” softball - 12”+ glove.

Another great option for the casual player is the ability to customize the look of the glove. An array of customizable options are available now - from picking the shape of the webbing, to the size of the glove, to its overall appearance. You can personalize the look of your glove by coloring the webbing, laces, binding, welting, and stitching.

They have also made it so you can individually color each finger of the glove, add your name in two different spots or even your team logo. The ability to make your glove one of a kind is endless.

The right starter glove can ignite the love of this great game. Simply put, choosing a youth glove doesn’t have to be expensive to get everything you will need. You can still get the look, the protection and great overall function within your budget.