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Why Custom Baseball Gloves Are The Best For Any Player

Baseball is a sport that embraces its equipment from safety gear to bats, batting gloves, and fielding gloves.

The game of baseball is changing rapidly, and the equipment within the game is also being modified to fit the needs of the players within.

Custom baseball gloves have been around for a while now, and glove manufacturers have put the needs of the players at the forefront of their glove designs.

At Relentless Sports, run by former professional players, they know the importance of having equipment that is functional and high-end but at the same time won't break the bank.

They know everything about baseball, from bats, and batting gloves, to fielding gloves. A Glove off the shelf with all of a player's needs can be hard to find, and it usually has a healthy price tag.

Relentless Sports have made building a glove online not only practical but necessary. Most players don't know what an actual glove should feel like in use on the hand during play.

Most players settle for a glove that they think will get the job done. Most of the time, the glove is too big, too stiff, the wrong size chamber, the wrong size pocket, the wrong type of webbing, and the wrong backing.

Walking into a store, you might hit two of those glove needs and think you have the right glove because nobody knows what they actually need. So I'll Briefly describe it here.

The glove should fit firmly around the hand, so you can't just shake it off the hand. The pocket should be shallow (infielders) or deep (outfielders), allowing players to perform their duties properly in those different and distinct positions.

The webbing choice isn't just for looks, it has practical needs designed specifically for each position. So, do I think a custom glove should be built to meet the standards for each player and the position they play? Absolutely, and you won't find those things off the shelf in stores - in most cases.

Add the personalization element of coloring the glove without boundaries from the pocket, webbing, lacing, backing, stitching, and welting. Add your name and number, and you have built a bells and whistles glove - with high-end Kip leather at a fraction of the price.

For youth players just getting started, they also offer the benefits of a youth supple cowhide glove that will fit their needs but give them a genuine leather feel that's functional for the youth hand.

A "pleather" extremely flimsy glove will run kids away from using the pocket to play catch which ultimately turns into fetch and another lost baseball player. So custom gloves can be built to fit the needs of youth players to pros.