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How To Choose The Right Baseball Glove For Your Position

Choosing the right glove for your position is a must for a serious player. Custom glove companies like Relentless Sports have made modifying a glove tailored for a specific position easy.

There is one thing to keep in mind: function, function, and function.

Each position has particular needs, and buying a glove off the shelf that only delivers one part of those needs is really only a pretty glove you couldn’t wait to buy.

Infield gloves have specific lengths, pocket depths, and open webs that help with the overall function of the glove. An infield glove requires a shallow pocket depth to help quick transfers.

An open web like the I-back with Relentless Sports helps sift unwanted dirt out of the glove for dirt-free ball-to-hand exchanges.

Outfield gloves require a deeper pocket and closed back, which aids in strengthening the wrist when catching.

Having a webbing like the trapeze also helps turn the glove into more of a net to help keep balls in the glove on shoestring catches.

Pitchers require secrecy not to give away pitches in the glove, so having a closed web system is a must on the mound.

Catcher mitts are pretty cut and dry but have a few options that relentless sports have easily laid out to help with the overall function from youth to pro.

Ensuring the glove fits is essential, and a youth chamber is recommended for smaller hands.

First base mitts are designed thicker and shovel-shaped to aid in picking the ball out of the dirt.

Remember, though, if you think you can buy a first base glove to play anywhere, you can only use it at first base.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a Kip leather high-end leather glove or budgeting for a supple cowhide glove with room to grow, function over looks is most important; however the look of the glove is still important for how confident you are when you slip it on your hand.