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Custom Baseball Gloves: What To Look For

Finding the right custom glove can be an easy online project if you know what to look for.

Whether you are a youth player or a seasoned pro, knowing what glove to buy should be based on position and hand strength.

A youth player, that knows they will be growing into a new glove size in years to come, should probably stay away from high-end glove leather.

It can be challenging for younger players who do not have a lot of hand strength to close the glove. A supple cowhide option offered by Relentless Sports is an affordable option.

Most youth players do not specialize in one position on the field, so recommend a glove that fits infield and outfield needs.

A third base glove tends to fit the criteria of a glove you can use anywhere on the field. It has a deeper pocket than a middle infield glove and longer fingers to help with play in the outfield.

We recommend purchasing a catcher's glove for safety purposes if you are a catcher. Catching is a demanding position, and padding around the hand and especially the thumb is essential.

First basemen can buy a first baseman's glove to help scoop the ball out, but there are no safety issues with having a regular glove.

Now I know I'll get some slack for this, but at 10u, we shouldn't see first base gloves unless you are THE first baseman or you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

If you don't play anywhere else on the field because you are the big lefty on the team, I would say buy a first base glove.

Moving onto teen players, you're at an age to possibly start and specialize for a specific position. We want a shallow pocket with an open web and open back for an infield glove.

Shallow pockets help with quick transfers, and an open web helps sift out dirt on ground balls (nobody wants to throw a handful of dirt across the diamond).

The open back gives the wrist some flexibility to work the glove much easier for the faster pace of infield play.

Relentless Sports has made it easy with position-specific categories that auto pick your pocket depth and leave you with some webbing options. The looks are cool, but the function is cooler.

For outfield play having a deeper pocket and webbing like the trapeze web is excellent for catching balls and keeping them in the glove.

A closed-back design stiffens the glove and gives the wrist more support to catch the ball much easier.

Once the glove's function is matched up, it's all about customization. Building a gloveonline also gives a player a sense of accomplishment, and taking care of the glove with respect becomes easier.