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Why Paying For a Custom Baseball Glove Is Worth It

Custom baseball gloves are starting to flood the baseball diamond all across the country, and for good reason.

Custom glove companies like Relentless Sports have made customizing a glove to fit each player needs an easy process.

One of the things that has been hard for online companies to get right is sizing. Length of glove and the size of the hand have always been hard to know what would be best for each position and size of the user.

The best type of webbing varies throughout each position and customizing a glove without putting it on your hand before you buy seemed to be a dangerous process.

Relentless Sports has made it a pain free process to get it right.

Starting with the right glove size, chamber size (youth or standard), and what throwing hand.

Nobody wants to receive a glove that’s for the wrong hand. After the hard part  it’s down to personalization.

Coloring a glove just the way you want it can give you a sense of accomplishment. Not only will you love the look of your new glove but the functionality will be professional player approved.

The serious player has the option of Kip leather used by the pro player or a supple cowhide option to fit any budget.

Both gloves have full customization from name, jersey number, and even a spot for your team logo or country flag.

Off the shelf gloves don’t always get it right they will have the right length but not the best webbing or maybe the wrong color scheme.

Most kids have to buy a high end leather glove with the wrong chamber size so it doesn’t function properly with a loose fit.

So why settle with a glove you're not totally satisfied with?

From the time you receive your new glove you will be awestruck and you may just want to relish in your masterpiece before you hit the field.

Building a glove from scratch can feel like forging a sword for battle. Something you can put your trust in that may find itself with its own shrine next to the bed.