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4 Secrets To Picking The Perfect Softball Glove

Picking the right softball glove can be a daunting task, so here are 4 secrets to picking the right glove. 

1. Know Your Budget

How much money are you willing to spend on a glove? If you are the serious player who has gone through a glove previously and know what you want, then buying a high end Kip leather glove is a perfect choice.

It gives you the smooth sleek professional look and feel, and they will last for years.

If you are a beginner or just a weekend warrior, buying a supple cowhide glove will be a great option. This glove will still last, but won’t be as bad on the budget. 

2. Sizing Considerations

Knowing what position you play can help you pick the size of a softball glove.

Longer lengths and deeper pockets are made for the outfielder while shorter and shallow pockets are left for the infielders.

The pocket on an infield glove varies from position to position so knowing the lengths of standard infield gloves for each position is necessary for choosing the right pocket size.

If you are an outfielder and infielder it’s important to look into third baseman gloves. They are a hybrid of infield and outfield gloves. The third base glove has a slightly deeper pocket, but is still good for infield play, while the finger length is on point to use it in the outfield. 

3. Webbing

If you're a pitcher who wants to conceal pitch grips in the glove, having a closed web is for you. If you're an infielder who doesn’t want to throw a ball with a handful of dirt then an open web is for you. Trapeze webbing is best for outfielders because of its basket-like nature. 

4. Glove Padding

Padding can have a huge effect on a player. If the padding is minimal the player should be an experienced player.

A Kip leather glove, although extremely durable, has a sleek lightweight design and younger players may find it less desirable to catch a ball in the pocket.

Quick transfers on time sensitive plays should be caught in the pocket and kids tend to use the webbing instead when they don’t feel enough padding.

A supple cowhide glove will help with wanting to catch it in the pocket with its thicker leather.

The cowhide leather still has a great feel for the ball, but does give some added pocket protection.  

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