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Why Custom Gloves Are The Way To Go For Serious Ballplayers

Serious baseball players in the past used equipment that was tailored to fit their needs. 

High school players had some options but youth players really had slim pickings when it came to glove function and position-specific gloves. 

Glove manufacturers have made it easier to customize a glove all the way from youth to pro. 

Learning how to properly use a glove for its intended purpose will effortlessly develop a youth player.

Infielders now have the ability to customize a shallow pocket in youth sizes to get an early start on hand transfers. 

The leather is also better to help thicken up the pocket but still have access to function the hand when catching or fielding. Most youth kids have no pocket padding so they avoid pocket contact and design each catch by using the web which makes transferring nearly impossible. 

Transferring is a skill that needs to be practiced over and over and getting those early year reps properly will help ingrain the necessary movement and transfer patterns we see in pro players. 

Buying a glove off the shelf is a $300 purchase for a high-end glove which, for all intended purposes, misses the boat on overall function even with high school players. 

Online custom glove companies like Relentless Sports have mastered the art of function and esthetic looks. 

The serious baseball player knows at 8 years old how much they love baseball and buying a supple cowhide glove that gives the right amount of pocket padding and depth according to the position is key in overall development. 

Outfield gloves, first basemen, pitchers, and catchers all have specific needs and a serious player will want to design a glove to fit those needs. 

Outfielders can design a glove with a deeper pocket, closed-back for wrist stability to aid in catches, and multiple webs to aid in a net-like feel when catching a fly ball. 

Pitchers can design a glove for secrecy to not tip pitches with a closed web system and a closed back to keep from tipping pitches with a digging index finger. 

First baseman gloves and catchers gloves have their specific designs with small modifications with sizing and other in-game functions. 

If you're not buying a custom glove specifically designed for you then you are missing out on some potential functions that will aid in development.