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How To Choose The Right Custom Wood Baseball Bat

Choosing the right custom wood bat doesn't have to be complicated if you keep a few things in mind.

There are a lot of bat models out there to choose from, and if you have no experience with them, you can get lost in the options and, in some cases, won't be the best fit for your swing.

Like the ones at Relentless Sports, the stock pro standard in wood bats is key to learning what bat best suits your swing. Every bat manufacturer has these stock pro options, and it's where everyone should start.

There are many stock options, but Relentless Sports has picked the best four, in my opinion, to understand what avenue you may take when landing on a wood bat that works for you. 271, 110, 13, and 243 are the four best models to help you learn your swing and get the most out of it.

Aluminum bats are pretty standard and have a balanced load or end load to choose from. Wood acts completely different when it comes to the swing, just like golf shafts on a club act differently (stiff, extra-stiff, etc.).

Wood has flex, and finding the right flex can help your swing maximize your potential for transferring kinetic energy at the right time so no potential energy is lost.

We are talking about a feeling of flex rather than seeing the bat actually flex. So those four bat models will act differently during the swing depending on when you execute it.

The 271 with a tapered, more moderate handle and a thinner barrel than, let's say, the 243 models with its larger barrel and thinner handle can potentially create more flex in one person's hand, but the opposite can happen in another.

So for the purpose of learning which is right for you, the stronger person that can also create bat speed would find both the 271 and 243 to be a great feeling bat.

However, someone who creates a powerful swing internally but doesn't possess the upper body strength to hold or manipulate a bigger end-loaded feeling bat like the 243 won't be able to control kinetic energy with it as well as with the 271.

So in a general sense, Relentless Sports has categorized each of these models brilliantly. The 110 model is perfectly balanced, similar to a metal bat, the 271 with a slight end load, the 13 model with a moderate end load, and the 243 with a heavy end load.

So start with these four and learn which bat gives you your natural swing the best results. One of my favorite things about a custom bat is the color options and putting your name and team on it.

There is nothing better than designing your own color bat and seeing your name on it. Relentless Sports has no boundaries when it comes to color customization, so go find the right bat that will produce for you.