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3 Reasons Custom Softball Gloves Are Worth the Investment

Buying a generic softball glove off the shelf is a thing of the past. Custom softball gloves are becoming a wise investment for both the beginning athlete and the seasoned veteran.

Here are the three top reasons why buying a custom softball glove is worth the investment.

Getting the glove to function as you want it for your particular position is easier than ever. Custom gloves give multiple options for functionality- the size chamber, pocket depth, and type of webbing all aid in the gloves' performance.

Getting the right chamber size is crucial when getting the glove to fit snug on the hand. Shallow pockets to help with quick transfers as an infielder, and deep pockets to help keep balls in the glove as an outfielder. Youth and adult chambers are available.

Webbing choice is also an important aspect for all positions. For example, having an I-web for dirt to sift through is beneficial for infielders. Closed webs can benefit pitchers by concealing pitchers' pitch types.

Next on the list is the type of leather; supple cowhide or Japanese Kip is also a useful option that caters to beginning to advanced players. Supple cowhide leather benefits the beginning and youth players.

Its more manageable leather gives you an inexpensive option that still functions as a high-end glove. Japanese Kip leather is the Rolls Royce of all leathers and usually has a higher price point. Kip leather is smooth and durable leather widely used at the professional level.

At Relentless Sports, we offer the best high-end Kip leather glove at the best price.

Personalization is what makes the glove come to life.

There are no boundaries to customizing a color scheme that matches the team colors or designing a color scheme that fits your personality.

Color options include the glove's webbing, pocket, back, and each individual finger, lacing, welting, binding, and stitching.

Throw your name and number on it and the team logo, and you have a personalized masterpiece. Customizing a softball glove is recommended and worth the investment.