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Swinging for the Fences: Custom Wood Bats for High-Level Performance

The baseball industry has had its share of upgrades regarding equipment. Whether we are talking about safety gear, gloves, balls, or bats, they have all seen a significant change in performance.

Custom wood bats have seen a significant uptick in performance, and we have seen that even at the major league level. Major league players are venturing further away from the standard ash Louisville Slugger and using bats from companies specializing in hybrid bats that infuse multiple types of wood.

Custom Maple wood bats are at the forefront of most major league players. The difference is in the wood itself. It's a heavier dense wood that plays much harder than ash.

So the choice has been relatively easy for players. Cupping the end of the bat to take out some top-end weight is where most maple bats start with.

Custom finish bats have the option of dipped lacquer to help make it even harder. The many color options and name, number, and team name personalization give it a personal touch.

All custom wood bats start with a standard model derived from Louisville slugger bats. So seeing the model numbers 110, 243, 271, and 13 means that the barrel's design to the handle is different.

Some handles have a tapered finish that will feel a little bigger, like in the 110. The 243 model feels much thinner because the handle is relatively thin, more like that of an aluminum bat.

The barrel in 243 is much bigger than that of the 110, so the 243, with its bigger barrel and thin handle, can feel a little more end-loaded. The 110, with its thinner barrel but tapered handle, can make the weight feel closer to a well-balanced bat.

Relentless Sports has the right fit bat no matter which one you choose. Whether you want a balanced, slight load, heavy load, or end-loaded bat, they have a model that will give the player the feel of optimal performance at the plate.