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How To Restore Grip With Football Gloves

Football gloves right out of the package can have more than enough tact to give you that much-needed grip to help aid in making those fancy all-hands catches.

Those same gloves, week after week, can fall prey to the elements and lose that sticky feel. Keeping your gloves top-notch week after week takes a little bit of some basic maintenance.

Gloves can become dirty and create a smooth film that adheres to the sticky rubber palm and fingers, rendering them virtually useless.

So cleaning your gloves with some cleaning wipes is a great way to get them back to feeling and performing like new.

Sometimes, we may not have wipes at our disposal, and the game is about to start, so using some good ole fashioned spit can do the trick.

Some athletes have the world's sweatiest hands, and keeping the gloves dry enough to have some sticky feel is nearly impossible. To have playable gloves, using the sun to keep them dry is a great way to keep them functional. Saliva can help bind with the dirt and do a good job of bringing them back to life.

Taking the gloves off and leaving them in the sun is recommended, but night games can be much harder to keep dry. Another very productive way to keep your gloves grip strength is simply washing them with cold water and soap.

Put the gloves on and wash your hands how you would without gloves on. Use soap as if you're just washing your hands with gloves on. This will restore your gloves to its out of the package feel.

Towel dry, and you will have a brand new pair of gloves. Sometimes you may have those lucky gloves that have almost worn out their welcome, and bringing the natural grip back may seem nearly impossible.

Not recommended but can be a last resort solution; grip spray can also be effective in making the gloves feel restored and ready to go.