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Ordering & Customizing A Baseball Bat

Baseball bat companies have pioneered customization options for years. Relentless Sports has made it easier to customize a bat that looks and feels the way you would demand. 

A high-performance bat that won’t break the bank. Ordering a bat with Relentless Sports can be an effortless process. 

They have taken the best four Maple wood bats and placed them into 4 different classifications

The Pro RS 110 bat falls under the balanced class the most, like an aluminum bat. 

The Pro RS 271 with a slight load has a tapered handle with a smaller barrel to add to the load but keep it manageable for smaller players. 

The Pro RS 13 is an end-loaded bat with a bigger barrel and a sleek tapered handle to keep it from being too end-loaded

The Pro RS 243 is a heavy end-loaded bat with its thinner handle and bigger barrel pulling the center of mass towards the end of the bat for stronger players. 

All four bats have different feels for different types of players. Customizing these bats can help with making them even harder by adding barrel and handle colors. 

When ordering a bat, picking the length and type of bat would come first. Then choose the colors. With almost endless options, finding your team colors won’t be hard. 

There are plenty of many different color combinations to help personalize your bats. 

Lastly, putting the final touches on it by adding your name and team name can give it that hang on the wall effect. 

Most players will want to see their full names on the bat, and all bats from Relentless Sports are legal for pro-level. They can also be used in most high school and college events. Once you’ve made the perfect bat, add to cart, and receive it when complete. 

Owning your personal pro wood bat can also be great for the psyche of young aspiring college and pro players.